Phpsdr is a php/mysql project to help role playing game master to generate character, equipment and more... using D20 system rules specified in the SDR.

11/30/04 : We regroup our codes, create the cvs repository(i forgot the file phpsdr.sql) and install a demo.
This demo is slow we will remplace it by screenshots. There is a weapon and a caracter generator, very incomplete.

11/24/04 : Thanks to Nico who made this very nice logo ;)

11/13/04 : I just understood how to modify index.html :) We began the database model and the class model, ctrl-c has began the character generator, and i am still working on the weapon generator.

11/06/04 : We open the Phpsdr project.
We need developers with knowledge in Ad&d and d20 System. Logo
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